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ONLINE.VXW.ME shared web hosting is fast, secure, feature rich, affordable and managed around-the-clock by the best hands-on support crew in web hosting today. Whether you are looking to host a small WordPress or ecommerce website or simply searching for something you can count on for your new blog, managed shared web hosting at ONLINE.VXW.ME is built for you.

Shared Web Hosting

99.99% UPTIME

ONLINE.VXW.ME - Guaranteed uptime delivered year after year without exception.


Managed, reliable and completely free daily backups to keep your data safe.


U.S. based, personable, hands-on management that's always available.


$ 10 /mo.
  • Billed annually or $11.95 month-to-month.
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Free SSL Certificates


$ 20 /mo.
  • Billed annually or $22.95 month-to-month.
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Free SSL Certificates


$ 30 /mo.
  • Billed annually or $33.95 month-to-month.
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Free SSL Certificates

Fully Managed Shared Web Hosting

Everything we do here at ONLINE.VXW.ME is fully managed, and that includes our shared web hosting. We will handle migrations, installations, offer expert recommendations, fix broken plugins, set up emails and SSLs while also ensuring your websites are totally optimized and running smoothly.

You Ask, We Respond

A well-managed shared web hosting service means you are able to speak with an account expert who can look at your current hosting service in detail and recommend you a newer, better, more ideal solution. It means you can feel confident that you will have all of your sites migrated and optimized seamlessly without a moment’s downtime. It means you have a partner to lean on for anything and everything, so you can stop worrying about your hosting and start focusing on your business.

As long as you fit within the package limits and your content is legal within the borders of the USA, you can absolutely use our shared web hosting! If you’re unsure about your usage and our package limits, just ask, we’re here to help!

Shared web hosting is an excellent platform for smaller sites whereby a much larger physical server is sectioned off into many smaller pieces allowing for significant savings by “sharing” the cost. As a managed web host we ensure that at all times the larger server is well managed and not over worked. This also means that you must stay within your package limits. Because we undersell our servers by so much, we are not required to suspend or forcefully upgrade accounts that go beyond these limits, instead, we have a fair conversation to figure out the best step forward for your growing site.

Of course! In fact, in 99% of cases we will migrate an unlimited number of sites (providing they fit) onto our shared plans for free. The only time there may be an added cost is if you are coming from a host that has limited our access where we cannot generate a backup or access all of your files. If in doubt, just ask!

Extremely! Because everything is fully owned, operated and managed by the ONLINE.VXW.ME crew, we have total control over our costs and schedule which allows us complete flexibility to upgrade you seamlessly between plans, services and billing periods to match your evolving website’s demands.


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